To Make: DIY Burgundy Lipstick

DIY Burgundy Lipstick

It is arguable that there is no more sophisticated lip color for autumn than the deep burgundy pucker that comes with every box of Franzia Sweet Red wine. I’ve yet to come across anything with as much staying power as a couple glasses of merlot, however, there are much more – ahem – mature means of achieving this hue than a tour de Franzia – and quite nearly as fun. As most lipsticks, both drugstore and department store varieties, tend to leave my lips spotted with saturated globs of pigment after several hours, I’ve decided to try a little d.i.y. and mix high and low to get the season’s most ubiquitous shade instead of buying a tube. Using a lip brush, I applied Clinique’s Different Lipstick in “Plum Brandy” to my lips and blotted with a tissue. I repeated this step with NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear in “Mahogany” and ended up with a bright plum shade. Of course, the color began to flake soon after, as both lipsticks do individually. I suppose that’s when you set the color with a topcoat of merlot… I’d love some suggestions for long-lasting, non-clumping lip color.




3 thoughts on “To Make: DIY Burgundy Lipstick

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  2. Ever shop at Lush? My stay-on lipstick trick ends with Lush’s ‘Emotional Brilliance – translucent face powder’ .. after blotting, take a square of toilet paper, peel it so it’s literally just one very thin square, place of lips and blot the powder over the tissue. Holds the color in for hours, and doesn’t typically come off with kissing. ;] Unless of course, you’re really goin’ at it.. Hope this helps, Cheers! – Lex

    • Oooh! This sounds like exactly what I’m looking for! I’ve been to Lush but have never bought anything. Did it dry out your lips, though? I’ve tried using drugstore translucent powder as a topcoat, but it clumped up and flaked. I think the universe may not want me to wear lipstick haha. Thanks for the suggestion, Lex!

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