To Give: Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide


1. Michael Roger Notebook; 2. Juniper Ridge Tea; 3. Peg and Awl Tote; 4. Art In The Age Spirit; 5. Woodwear Sunglasses; 6. Lallitara Wristlet; 7. Bario Neal Studs; 8. Studiopatro Tea Towel; 8. Rewined Candle.

The percentage of my post-grad savings that has gone to jukeboxes in dive bars and late night pizza is unforgivable. I’m trying to redeem myself with some eco-conscious gift-giving this holiday season. I get so giddy when I find a business that is reusing materials in a clever way, like Lallitara’s eclectic wristlets made from discarded saris or Peg and Awl’s rustic  bags that are so durable I assume they will likely surpass the age of their reclaimed parts (such as WWII gun slings). This list of last-minute goodies, all of which were manufactured in a way to reduce their environmental impact, is certainly something I can feel good about spending my last pennies on – and is a hell of a lot classier than swaying, gin and tonic in hand, to a Father John Misty song at 1 a.m.


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