To Embrace: A Warm Take On Cold Days


an assortment of photos I’ve taken throughout this winter

This is what wool socks and fire places were made for. This is why alpacas are so damn adorably furry (and, as pictured, kittens, too). This is why hydrangeas and tomatoes and wildflowers grow so tall. This is the makings of the perfect excuse for not going to that thing that so-and-so insists you attend and be Instagrammed at. This is the reason the clocks fall back. This is what I would normally call a really shitty, endless winter that has literally and figuratively knocked me on my ass so many times that I would wait in the most painfully long bureaucratic office line to submit a formal complaint for. This won’t warm me up. This is a constraint. This is what makes me seek out warmth, happiness, love in new places. This prompts me to create more in compensation for nature’s break from making anything besides snow. And if it doesn’t come out right, this is when I can blame it on winter.


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