To Make: DIY Burgundy Lipstick

DIY Burgundy Lipstick

It is arguable that there is no more sophisticated lip color for autumn than the deep burgundy pucker that comes with every box of Franzia Sweet Red wine. I’ve yet to come across anything with as much staying power as a couple glasses of merlot, however, there are much more – ahem – mature means of achieving this hue than a tour de Franzia – and quite nearly as fun. As most lipsticks, both drugstore and department store varieties, tend to leave my lips spotted with saturated globs of pigment after several hours, I’ve decided to try a little d.i.y. and mix high and low to get the season’s most ubiquitous shade instead of buying a tube. Continue reading


To Make: Lulu Frost-Inspired Painted Eye Bracelet DIY


In the vast and wonderful global market of things I can’t afford, there are many items the manufacturing of which I don’t quite understand, whether they’re produced by man or machine. How complex a process it must be to turn minerals into an iPhone, to engineer a camera that takes panoramic photos, or to get the aroma of apple and cinnamon to stick to those netted bags of pine cones all season long! So when it comes to DIY’s, I am easily awed and overwhelmed. Assembling an ombre cake or weaving a friendship bracelet may be kindergarten day camp level of difficulty, but my attempts at them never seem to turn out right. Inspired by this Lulu Frost necklace, I decided to tackle one of the simplest current DIY trends: painted rhinestone jewelry. Continue reading