To Do: Autumn To-Do List


  1. Apples: Pick-your-own apple orchards remind me there’s more open space to enjoy than a free parking spot on South Street. Frecon Farm’s Pickfest, which features tons of live bluegrass music, reminds me there exists music beyond the muffled Kanye tracks that constantly blast up to my window from passing cars. Seasonal treats and a city retreat are just what I need.
  2.  Coffee:  When it comes to coffee, if Ron Swanson wouldn’t drink it, neither will I. That means deep, earthy, even tobacco-like flavors untainted by cream or sugar. Local roasters Reanimator Coffee make a mighty bold blend that I plan on picking up from their recently-opened flagship cafe in Fishtown.
  3. Cider: Philadelphia Brewing Company made me the the hardworking beer-drinker I am today. They are about to do the same for cider. Elegant in flavor and design (like, save-the-bottle-and-consider-putting-flowers-in-it-for-four-months elegant), Commonwealth Ciders is taking precedence over pumpkin brews for me at the bar this season. Have I graduated from beer?
  4. Words: Nora Ephron was basically narrating my inner monologue before I was born. I’ll be curling up with one of her last essays, “I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman,”  about life as a lady who feels compelled to maintain a serious beauty regimen but is also horribly burdened by the fuss of it all while I indulge in the above three items.