To Read: Vintage Book Covers


My parents’ basement, much like my late grandparents’, is the ideal set for a hybrid of Hoarders and Antiques Roadshow. Items that have long surpassed their moment of practical value in history rest in overlapping piles on the concrete floor like unconscious party-goers the morning after. WWII military gear, pewter dishware and ’80s shoulder-padded silk blouses, among other miscellaneous goods, wait for their next awakening (though, there is little hope for ever reviving those padded shoulders in my book). I’ve always marveled at the collection because even after moving out of my family’s home, I have never gotten to the bottom of those dusty piles. It is equally probable that a first draft of the Declaration of Independence lies underneath it all as is a family of deceased mice. As I am beginning to realize that one cannot sustain oneself on magazines and beer, I am saving my money and instead satisfying my need to acquire frivolous things by finding new value in the cellar’s dated junk. These vintage books, which I unearthed last weekend from home, have got me considering some new graphic design aesthetics. Continue reading