To Collect: Elephant Decor

elephant decor

Luli Sanchez illustration; High Street Market elephant; PBteen hook; Case Cavern iPhone case; ChipmunkCheeks illustration; Jonathan Adler salt shakers.

I’m not the kind of woman to make a wager, but there are some sure bets in life. That eggshells will find their way into anything I bake, for instance. Or that I will smudge my manicure before I even recap the nail polish bottle. Or that my New Years’ resolutions will get buried and forgotten under the year’s first snowfall, which happened two days ago for Philly. There still is hope, however! This year I’ve decided to pick resolutions with more subjective points of success than years before. I am trying to be more optimistic about life, which means not only believing that things can get better but also knowing that the present is pretty darn good, too. Because my own resolve is shaky, I’m leaning on the elephant, which is regarded in many cultures as a symbol of good fortune and strength, to get my 2014 goals underway and to brighten up my home decor.


To Make: Lulu Frost-Inspired Painted Eye Bracelet DIY


In the vast and wonderful global market of things I can’t afford, there are many items the manufacturing of which I don’t quite understand, whether they’re produced by man or machine. How complex a process it must be to turn minerals into an iPhone, to engineer a camera that takes panoramic photos, or to get the aroma of apple and cinnamon to stick to those netted bags of pine cones all season long! So when it comes to DIY’s, I am easily awed and overwhelmed. Assembling an ombre cake or weaving a friendship bracelet may be kindergarten day camp level of difficulty, but my attempts at them never seem to turn out right. Inspired by this Lulu Frost necklace, I decided to tackle one of the simplest current DIY trends: painted rhinestone jewelry. Continue reading

To Display: Vintage Patterned Silk Scarves


1.Chanel scarf;  2,Hermes scarf; 3.Vera scarf;  4.Cacharel scarf; 5.Hermes scarf; 6.Hermes scarf.

Like acoustic electric guitars, sweater vests and non-alcoholic beer, silk scarves pretty much completely undermine their fundamental purpose. You’re likely to be kept warmer by some insulated backpack straps, but their uselessness doesn’t stop me from compulsively buying threadbare vintage ones at yard sales and thrift shops. I find them more valuable as art than fashion accessories. When I tie them around my neck I look like a hastily wrapped present and when I wrap one around my hair I am reminded that I will never be able to rock a babushka like my grandmother did. Even in her 80s, she looked ageless, rather than dated, in her collection of silk handkerchiefs and tweed skirt suits.  I inherited part of her collection, which she always kept overflowing from wicker baskets in her room in as an artistic way as any mess can overflow, and now am in the process of displaying them in my apartment in a more deliberate way.  Continue reading

To Repeat


Amidst the fury of a thousand clicking cameras, the shuffling of unspeakably high heels and hundreds of brand new outfits from more than 80 designers, some things were undeniably clear through the chaos of New York Fashion Week’s Spring 2014 shows. Among them, shades of orange from every stage of a ripening citrus fruit. As I was running solely on a kale, spinach, apple, pineapple and mint smoothie courtesy of Marie Claire (which I was captured sipping in a very unflattering picture by the New York Post – that’s what you get after running from the Upper West Side to the Meatpacking District five times in almost as many hours), I was in a bit of a hard-to-impress mood. However, these tangerine looks from designers such as Monique Lhuillier and Rachel Roy have got me planning on wearing the hue a season early.