To Wish


I imagine there comes a moment in nearly every woman’s life when she must ask herself: “What article of clothing do I NOT own in a leopard print?” I asked myself this very question upon moving my wardrobe out of the two closets in my college apartment (one was intended for guests’ coats, but I think all understood that my various sequin-drenched dresses wouldn’t be as comfortable with the vintage tees stuffed into plastic bins below my bed frame). That evening was spent taking inventory of all I had collected since freshman year. I found my spotted ballet flats kicked off behind the bedroom door. My cheetah T-shirt dress was buried in the laundry. And those feline-inspired jeans that almost looked like that amazing Current/Elliott pair were unsurprisingly still connected to mismatched socks. It became apparent that I could easily take on a crazy cat lady persona at parties or on strolls through my neighborhood with a wardrobe like this, but one thing was for certain – I would not be warm. And so I began my search for a serious faux leopard coat. It has so far been an elusive target, with the most perfectly tailored and graphically interesting jackets costing at least two months’ rent at my old apt. Regardless, here are some lovely wish-list coats to complete any leopard collection.


Malene Birger coat; Acne coat; Sea NY coat.

Background photo via Paul Schutzer—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images


To Begin


As a recent college graduate with a journalism degree, it is fair to say that the squirrels foraging around my alma mater’s campus have a more developed life map than I do.  They ration food for the winter, I blowtorch my savings. They do laps around the student center, I lap up ramen.  They do, I idle. Post-grad life is the last gust of a hurricane – everything that was floating in the whirlwind of the past four years has fallen to the ground with a loud, relieving thud. The break is certainly necessary, but my academic buzz is admittedly wearing off.  As I’m sure is the case with most new graduates, the question “What to do now?” arises everyday as soon I brew my morning coffee.

Maybe my scholarly desires are still there, but have no outlet beyond a lecture hall. Back-to-school commercials still excite me and I did inexplicably purchase a bulk pack of Sharpie pens two weeks ago – maybe to draw a life map? Eh, that’s a bit much for now.

Let’s begin with a to-do list, instead. Here I plan on recording what I’ve done, what I’m doing and what I hope to check off my precarious list of ambitions. With every item I cross out, I’ll attempt to adhere what my historical neighbor Benny Franklin once said, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”I hope you’ll find this list gets filled with both. Thanks for reading.